cropped-imagesynhfbqq7.jpgWelcome to Aim To Relax LLC

Through selection of appropriate stress-relieving bodywork techniques, along with intelligent, intuitive massage, one will experience a profound relaxation response, alleviating the persistent damaging effects of today’s hectic and at times, toxic environment.

How regular massage and bodywork relaxes

– Decreases blood pressure / reduces heart and respiratory rates

– Reduces stress and anxiety

– Decreases pain

– Reduces muscle soreness and fatigue

– Improves performance

– Increases flexibility and range of motion

– Improves sleep

– Increases mental alertness

All sessions are by appointment only. A complete health history will be reviewed as well as a medical release from your physician, should you have a pre-existing condition.

Please contact me at 267-337-1523 to schedule your session.