Thinking of you…

Just taking a moment to check in…eventhough physical social distancing is the “order of the day,” please know Aim To Relax remains committed not only to your physical well being, but your emotional balance as well.
My virtual door remains open so feel free to call… text… email… IM… DUO or ZOOM me!!
I ask that you reach out as we collectively get through these physically estranging times.
Know I reflect on, and hold you close in my thoughts and intentions. Reach out…and stay well…

Be Strong and Courageous

March… the winds of change…

Sometimes we feel like we are holding on for dear life…

        … pitted against strong winds, seemingly bent on destruction, trying to knock us over and blow us away, oblivious to our circumstances, displaying a kind of contempt for the restful lull which had given us a moment to pause and rest.

As difficult as it is to embrace the wind, try instead to flow WITH it, keeping a subtle anchor of positive energy, wrapped around you feet and ankles, as well as a portable wind break of gratefulness to buffet the unexpected updrafts.  We have access to these tools by centering the mind and heart through daily meditation and prayer, which offer us consolation even against nature’s worst.  Be Strong and Courageous… Joshua 1:9


Aim To Relax

Welcome to my new website!

For the past twenty-eight years I have practiced nursing in a variety of settings and institutions. One single observation continually connected the collective experience.  Caregivers care for themselves last… or not at all.  I set out to change that perspective several years ago by attempting to reach bedside care providers with standardized education, staff inservicing, and modeling wellness behavior.  I was surprised to find my own example to be wanting, in fact, this “Practice what you preach Aim!” mind set came up short in several ways.  The epiphany led me to seek certification in Complete Decongestive Therapy and Manual Lymphatic Drainage. –  hands on bodywork to alleviate edema associated with chronic lymphatic failure.  After I had experienced the gratification of helping someone through touch I was inspired to continue my formal education with Massage Therapy Certification and subsequent licensure 10 years ago.  More recently I have pursued certifications in Clinical Aromatherapy, Compassionate Touch, with completion of Level 3 Healing Touch and Level 3 Reiki. My Aim is simple… to give back to caregivers what they most heartily give to their patients thus completing the circle of caring.

I have been a Hospice Nurse and Clinical Body-worker for the past 16 years. The toll experienced by caregivers is extreme and I have found great joy providing some much needed respite through touch.

I invite your interest as well as comments as I reach out to the new domain of the Blog-e-sphere…

I reside in Jamison PA in Bucks County, a suburb of Philadelphia.

… Aimee